Maohua plastic-Agricultural mulch

Agricultural mulch refers to the thin agricultural film directly covering the cultivation bed or near the ground. The general thickness is 0.008~0.015 mm, and the base tree ester is polyethylene. In recent years, a variety of colored agricultural film has come on the market. Because of the different absorption and reflection rules of different colors of agricultural film on the spectrum, the growth of crops and weeds, pests and diseases, ground temperature is also different. Modern mulch has been developed from ordinary mulch to all kinds of colored mulch and the multi-functional special mulch such as weeding and insect control. Therefore, in the use of different crop characteristics and planting season, choose different colors of agricultural film.




Agricultural mulch refers to the thin agricultural film directly covering the cultivation bed or near the ground. The general thickness is 0.008~0.015 mm, and the base tree ester is polyethylene. In recent years, a variety of colored agricultural film has come on the market. Because of the different absorption and reflection rules of different colors of agricultural film on the spectrum, the growth of crops and weeds, pests and diseases, ground temperature is also different. Modern mulch has been developed from ordinary mulch to all kinds of colored mulch and the multi-functional special mulch such as weeding and insect control. Therefore, in the use of different crop characteristics and planting season, choose different colors of agricultural film.